Apart [adverb]

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The key metric here is the aforementioned heart rate variability, or HRV, and WHOOP’s ability to calculate it sets it apart from other wearable fitness trackers.

Cities have come apart before when confronted with the outbreak of disease.

The starting point for that is to break things apart into these different phenomena like energy-harvesting, self-replication, et cetera.

The new electric Hummer should appeal to those seeking to stand apart from others, Williamson said.

After it is cast and cooled down, the mold is dropped on a vibrating machine called the shakeout, which breaks the sand apart to reveal the pan.

That’s true in many races where candidates from the same party are trying to set themselves apart like the San Diego mayoral race, a couple county supervisor races and the 53rd Congressional District.

Being able to conceptually manipulate time may be what set us apart from other animals.

The two of us split our rounds after that, taking turns to crack the CPU apart, and after a while, I realized we’d been laughing, which I never did at the shop.

Spooky action refers to the ability of far-apart particles to be “entangled,” so that a measurement of one instantly determines the properties of both.

Slot machines, on the other hand, can be spread far apart, require little human interaction, and are thus safe to play.