Divorced [verb]

Definition of Divorced:

split up a marriage

Synonyms of Divorced:

Opposite/Antonyms of Divorced:

Sentence/Example of Divorced:

As Louis spoke with the stern calmness of a divorced heart, Wharton became other than he had ever seen him.

She had been married during the æra of jacobinism, and had divorced her husband, because they could not agree.

I had always been told that they were divorced because he didn't want children.

At the end of four months I was legally divorced from M. de Luceval, and he started on his travels.

But they had failed, and the normal Christianity of the day was fatally divorced from religion and politics and art and science.

If Mr. Harwin is a minister, it will seem to me, as I told you, just as if you and Elizabeth had been divorced.

Intellectual activity is not and cannot be divorced from emotion.

Woman, divorced from home, wanders unfriended like a waif upon the wave.

Of course my father divorced his wife, but Lady Porteous refused to divorce Porteous.

Ask her what her life has been all these years among divorced women and kept women and the men who consort with them.