Sunder [verb]

Definition of Sunder:

separate, sever

Synonyms of Sunder:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sunder:

Sentence/Example of Sunder:

Could I not have riven his body in sunder and strewn it on the waves?

We glare and fume and could gladly see them all maced in sunder with battle-axes.

When they could no longer rule the nation, they set out to sunder it.

I know how many dear and precious ties you must, for a time, sunder.

The King hath rent your bonds in sunder, and how do ye repay him?

But you would not sunder so holy a bond as that of marriage, Hugh?

"Strangers and foes do sunder and not kiss," said Helena to Bertram.

This is her unforgivable sin, the attempt to sunder the body from the soul.

They say, Let us break their bands in sunder and cast away their cords.

It affirms that the great body of humanity is one, and that it is death to sunder it.