Detach [verb]

Definition of Detach:

disconnect, cut off

Synonyms of Detach:

Opposite/Antonyms of Detach:

Sentence/Example of Detach:

Typically the first step before throwing your blanket in the wash will be to detach the cord and remove it completely from the blanket.

He had detached early in the season, but in the second half he watched every game.

The former allows the screen to be completely detached from the keyboard for use as a tablet.

The bags are waterproof and easy to clean, with simple snap handles to attach and detach as you go.

In the housing craze, prices had become totally detached from the force that governs them, the level of rents on homes and apartments.

It contaminates inner layers of the garment and any parts that are supposed to detach, and causes general wear and tear to the exterior of the suits.

After finishing a years-long assignment with one zombie orbiter, the vehicles can detach and rescue new targets.

I detach it, then slowly — noiselessly — lower the end of the cable to the floor.

To fix on any one stage in such an evolution, detach it, affirm it, is to wrest a true scripture to its destruction.

It was a difficult matter to detach the old diplomat from the circle surrounding him, but Varney succeeded at length.