Unfix [verb]

Definition of Unfix:

set free; unbind

Opposite/Antonyms of Unfix:

Sentence/Example of Unfix:

The order was marching by149 fours to fix or unfix bayonets.

Whereupon the Soudanese caught hold of the bayonet and tried to unfix it.

"There's only one thing to unfix the things I've stuck together," he said.

What mattered that to unfix those glittering stars would still tax both skill and patience!

The company officers ordered their men to unfix bayonets, and to help each other up the rocks.

That transfer, just or unjust, had taken place so long ago, that to reverse it would be to unfix the foundations of society.

Instead, we fix and unfix bayonets every ten minutes and make martial noises.

Nothing could now unfix his gaze from the little ring of metal with its black interior.

The power of music, the power of poetry, to unfix and as it were clap wings to solid nature, interprets the riddle of Orpheus.

Fix and unfix bayonet are executed with promptness and regularity but not in cadence.