Unbutton [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Unbutton:

Why so anxious about the sit of cloaks; and gloves—whether to button or unbutton?

She saw Richard Crawford unbutton his vest, a little assisted by the Colonel.

If gossip, then, be a gallows 39matter, let Bell unbutton him for the end.

His only reaction to this was to step forward and continue to unbutton her blouse.

Her mother had to unbutton the hard top button but she did all the rest.

They did so, and the chambermaids went to the room and began to unbutton the dress.

If you'll kindly let me unbutton my coat, I'll show you my star; I'm the city marshal.

Then he commenced to gasp, to suffocate, and he had to unbutton his collar and his belt.

Nigel sprang from his horse with a cry of joy, and began to unbutton his doublet.

"Excuse me, but I awoke just as you were about to unbutton your blouse," he said.