Undo [verb]

Definition of Undo:


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Sentence/Example of Undo:

Come, captain, undo these ropes, and make up your mind quickly.

Come down, and undo the shop window, that I may get in that way.'

If a man can do whatever he thinks of—can he undo that which he has done?

No; but to go on as if hard work now can ever undo what years of idleness have done.

And, if I haply had erred, to undo the wrong, and release you.

I must find this subtle poison which was strong enough to undo the elixir.

You set out to undo the effects of his libel and to punish him for his outrage.

Then it would be too late to refuse and too late to undo what had been done.

Naught more had been needed to undo me than this spur of jealousy.

But, come, be quick and undo this, and I 'll tell you all about it.'