Disengage [verb]

Definition of Disengage:

free from connection

Synonyms of Disengage:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disengage:

Sentence/Example of Disengage:

Therefore, if you are still attached to the transitory things of this life, disengage your heart from them now.

I was prevented by company from which I could not disengage myself.

But it is possible to disengage and examine apart the two chief elements in the earliest as in the latest ideas of Godhead.

She tried to disengage herself from his arm; she trembled, heaved a deep sigh, and fell with her head on his shoulder.

But I had no desire to play a part in this pantomime, and tried to disengage myself.

All one night a dead hand lay across my throat, but I could not disengage my hands to remove it.

How shall it disengage itself from this remnant of its case, and be suspended in the air while it climbs up to take its place?

Above all, if Neipperg's Army were to disengage itself, and be let loose into those parts?

I tried to disengage myself from her embrace, and summoned what I could of sternness to repel her caresses.

The effect of these cylinders on the wool is to disengage the wool fibers, make them straight, and form a “sliver” or strand.