Engage [verb]

Definition of Engage:

hire for job, use

Synonyms of Engage:

Opposite/Antonyms of Engage:

Sentence/Example of Engage:

Crucially, the team engaged with critics rather than just dismissing them.

Keep your knees bent, your feet flat on the floor, and your core engaged.

People with good paying jobs like supervisors, managers, directors, and vice presidents do not normally engage in theft, drug deals, or gang activity.

Some lawmakers feared that landlords would literally run tenants off of properties at gunpoint or engage other forms of extralegal self-help.

Food isn’t the only thing we share, but eating is a particularly good example of a shared activity because it’s necessary, and because we engage in it throughout our lives—unlike playing with blocks, perhaps.

Most of them engage in commonly accepted forms of political activism.

This is new terrain for many, who find themselves unable to recognize neighbors and are unsure how to engage socially without using facial expressions.

He continued its sale, however, as a kingly monopoly, allowing only those to engage in it who paid him for the privilege.

We have other things to engage us now, but I sometimes think all is not gain that the march of progress brings.

I only engage that the engine shall be equal to a B. and Watt's 72-inch single, but it will be equal to a double 72-inch cylinder.