Eject [verb]

Definition of Eject:

throw or be thrown out

Opposite/Antonyms of Eject:

Sentence/Example of Eject:

They forecast a zone of low pressure ejecting from the Southwest United States to end up between Kentucky and Ohio late Sunday before a new low-pressure center forms over eastern North Carolina.

Membership to such an extremist group would be clear grounds for dismissal, but it can be harder to eject a soldier who simply expresses fringey, hardline views.

In one tricky moment, Burleson had to reckon for young viewers with the violence of the sport, after a Bears wide receiver was ejected for fighting.

Taylor was ejected for spitting at Tampa Bay running back Michael Pittman.

The Capitol police officers, overwhelmed by the crowds who broke into the Capitol building, took responsibility for leading lawmakers to safety and ejecting the relatively small groups of protesters who had gotten inside, the two people said.

The accident had left two crash sites, one for the pilot and one for his plane, which rocketed on after Ray ejected.

“The cliffs at Torrey Pines are particularly hazardous because tall and steep cliffs are capable of ejecting rock farther onto the beach,” Young said.

Skalski was ejected for targeting and Fields was left squirming on the ground.

Another recent study showed that unfitted surgical masks were 100% effective in blocking seasonal coronavirus in droplets ejected during breathing.

With Starship, the third of the system that helps propel the spacecraft further than Earth orbit is never ejected.