Maintain [verb]

Definition of Maintain:

care for, keep up

Synonyms of Maintain:

Opposite/Antonyms of Maintain:

Sentence/Example of Maintain:

Because I wrote a book years ago about the Army-Navy football rivalry and have maintained connections with many from the two schools, I know a lot of veterans.

They are institutions built to hold and maintain power for a political group.

One method of maintaining a connection to the person, product or brand that is the target of a boycott is called “moral decoupling.”

Those statements conflict with the union’s efforts to work with the NBA on a scaled-down event, in hopes of salvaging television revenue and maintaining productive relationships with the owners and media partners.

Shallal said the Anacostia Busboys and Poets has maintained more revenue during the pandemic than any of the restaurant’s other locations.

It’s great to see him reach these heights, and now he needs to maintain it.

So, perhaps mail voting will maintain some popularity among members of both parties, but with an even wider division between them.

Teams may implement their own rules to maintain the health of players, but only if they add to the restrictions agreed to by the league and union, not lessen them.

While Taboola as a partner proves to continue to be good for business, both executives stressed a need to balance between Taboola’s contributions to their respective companies’ revenue and maintaining control of the user and ad experience.

This multi-zoned heating is key to even cooking and maintaining the temperature throughout the food.