Sustain [verb]

Definition of Sustain:

keep up, maintain

Synonyms of Sustain:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sustain:

Sentence/Example of Sustain:

Gotleib contended that Arledge could sustain the reduction required.

You have summoned me in my weakness; you must sustain me by your strength.

God helping me, I will not fail them, if they will but counsel and sustain me!

Do you assist me, comfort me, sustain me in dreadful situation?

The voice which calls upon us to sustain them is the voice of God.

No affection can sustain these hourly trials of suspicion and reproach.

I had the sense of an inherited character to sustain in the new order of things.

He tried at first to sustain their gaze, but was unable to do so.

Surely, sir, you cannot sustain Mr. Truck in his extraordinary conduct!

He was a man of honour, and could not sustain his misfortune.