Buttress [noun]

Definition of Buttress:

brace, support

Synonyms of Buttress:

Opposite/Antonyms of Buttress:


Sentence/Example of Buttress:

Profiting by this, Benjy quietly moved away round a colossal buttress of the berg, and took refuge in an ice-cave.

It was an outside one, massive as a buttress, and Harry was building it well and truly, for it was the essential of the house.

From the buttress foot a sheep-walk goes along the scarp—see, you can follow it from here in the dry grass.

And drawing his cutlass from his belt, Michael bounded round the buttress behind which the young girl had promised to wait.

Perhaps we shall be able to walk round into another cwm on the far side of North-west buttress.

There is a buttress a quarter of the way from each end, on which houses were still standing.

The portion of an arch visible above, acts as a buttress to the tower arches.

Between each stall is a small buttress beginning at the capital and finishing somewhat beneath the top of the large pinnacle.

Guapo, in front of the mule, now ran forward upon the ledge, and looked around the buttress of rock.

And if we have the world for the buttress of injustice, then is Nature the flaring rebel; there is no fixed order possible.