Reinforcement [noun]

Definition of Reinforcement:


Synonyms of Reinforcement:

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Sentence/Example of Reinforcement:

It was evident that all hope of reinforcement from France was vain.

I cannot fight the French, in this moderate weather, without a reinforcement.

The arrival of the reinforcement moved the camp to interest.

He got by mere accident, as we say, a reinforcement of Spaniards.

In spite of the arrival of this reinforcement, the situation did not improve.

A reinforcement of 220 seamen for the lakes came by the same route.

This reinforcement was set in place and wrapped with No. 24 ½-in.

The reinforcement was erected inside the forms for both columns and girders.

Figure 279 shows the general arrangement of the reinforcement.

Johnson corrugated bars, old style, are used for reinforcement.