Strut [verb]

Definition of Strut:

walk pompously; supporting bar

Synonyms of Strut:

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Sentence/Example of Strut:

The strut that holds the propeller-shaft is shown in Fig. 91 .

A strut joint is a form of miter joint used in making trusses.

They like better to strut about with their faces painted all the colors of the rainbow.

They may safely be left to strut about their uneasy hour and be forgotten.

There was a time when the realization caused him to strut a little, but he'd got over it.

Which, with something between a courtesy and a strut, he endeavored to represent.

They strut about as if they were nursing the little kings and queens of the future.

"Strut it up, roosters," he urged from the corner of his mouth.

The strut seemed to press in against his chest; he could not breathe.

That it has given a peacock's strut to the popinjay Anthony Woodville.