Parade [noun]

Definition of Parade:

pageant, display

Synonyms of Parade:

Opposite/Antonyms of Parade:

Sentence/Example of Parade:

The civic portion of the parade numbered about five thousand men.

Shouldn't we order out our askaris with their guns to make the parade?

She has entered upon a parade, which she knows not how to quit with a female grace.

I thought again of that parade and my impression of mass force.

Has this parade gone to your head—or has Sue been talking to you again?

Mr. Morris has drawn them just as they are leaving their school for their weekly parade.

After dinner he asked Margaret if she wouldn't care for a turn on the Parade.

The parade and the road after it were well lighted, but it was darker in Aunt Juley's garden.

Then she'd be ready to dress up and go on parade to astonish the natives.

Blueworthy, he marched, but 'twa'n't as joyful a parade as an Odd Fellers' picnic.