Panoply [noun]

Definition of Panoply:


Opposite/Antonyms of Panoply:

Sentence/Example of Panoply:

There is no panoply like that which love provides, and she who bears it has the whole armour of God.

We reach here the last and only offensive weapon in the panoply.

The pavilion of God is the saint's place of rest; the panoply of God is his coat of mail.

And, amid that panoply of long-ago, she recognised Séverac Bablon.

He was a savage, in the war-paint and panoply of a Blackfoot brave.

Oh, with what panoply of prayer she sought to shield that beloved breast!

This panoply of power had been paraded before her since childhood.

He wore the panoply of war just as he did the first time he took me into his arms.

The stranger was much smaller than the porcupine, and wore no panoply of points.

The captain yelled with rage, and sprang to the panoply to get a weapon for himself.