Hiding [adjective]

Definition of Hiding:


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Sentence/Example of Hiding:

Beneath the boulder is a hollow, a perfect hiding place for small prey.

He seemed to know every hiding spot for the big rainbow and brown in Hebgen Lake and the Madison River.

Developers will receive a few more clarifications, too, around what not to do, like hiding features, or not being clear about an app’s functionality.

Just pull it out of its hiding place on the bottom of the phone and click the end button.

A native brought news that a collector and his wife were hiding in a swamp near the road.

The hairy animal, with the long tail, came straight for the bush behind which Squinty was hiding, and crawled through.

Certainly he had chosen a singular hiding-place, and never did man treat such a treasure with such apparent carelessness.

He came to my house one evening to tell me he had discovered the hiding-place of a gentleman we were looking for.

Instinctively, he took a quick step forward— hiding Tony from her immediate view.

Hours afterward, Red Jerry came creeping up from his hiding place, and found her.