Covering [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Covering:

At other times they have a dreadful look of being fibs invented for the purpose of covering a fault.

During the siege of Acre he commanded the covering force, and pushed reconnaissances far and wide.

Any delay in covering such deficit shall be subject to such charge as the Federal Reserve Board may impose.

And the covering of Juda shall be discovered, and thou shalt see in that day the armoury of the house of the forest.

On one occasion, while covering the retreat at Herborn, his small force was surrounded by four thousand Austrian cavalry.

For the bed is straitened, so that one must fall out, and a short covering cannot cover both.

Rallying himself somewhat, he laid his hand upon the white cloak covering her shoulders.

Even bullets will fly off from any other part of the scaly covering as though they had struck against a stone wall.

While covering the retreat with his cavalry, he saw a horse artillery gun deserted by its men.

An English battery came thundering down the road to take up a fresh position and assist in covering the retreat.