Suppressing [verb]

Definition of Suppressing:

restrain, hold in check

Opposite/Antonyms of Suppressing:

Sentence/Example of Suppressing:

He did not dare express all his rancour, while he was unequal to suppressing it entirely.

He hurried from the inn, suppressing his sobs for a moment with one grand effort.

The captain, suppressing his emotions, hastily counted the money.

"Ah, I see," said the Procurator General, suppressing a366 smile.

Need I suggest what was the need—the urgent need—for suppressing that wrapper?

This very spring there was a talk of suppressing play at Baden.

Is he suppressing a part of the truth at this moment, or is this all invention?

"Whow, I'm sleepy tonight," laughed Nelly, suppressing a yawn.

Riccabocca, suppressing a sigh, and with his wonted address.

In suppressing the fact that she had been there at all she had acted with considerable foresight.