Overthrow [verb]

Definition of Overthrow:

defeat, destroy

Synonyms of Overthrow:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overthrow:

Sentence/Example of Overthrow:

From the very beginning of the session their overthrow was imminent.

To all who hated Church and King, and planned their overthrow.

Active, prayerful, unwearied exertion is needed for its overthrow.

Yet this vanity may be a mean, perhaps, to overthrow me with this sagacious lady.

With the overthrow of Lip-lip, White Fang could have become leader of the pack.

There was nothing left to do but to return to the Heavens and admit their overthrow.

Let us not be in haste to overthrow the usurped powers of the world.

He was aware that so restless a people, when they had overthrown the monarchy, would not limit the overthrow to their own country.

If Austria-Hungary fell, the overthrow of Germany might have been threatened.

Crusaders of old endeavored to overthrow evil by “force and arms.”