Tumble [verb]

Definition of Tumble:

fall or make fall awkwardly

Synonyms of Tumble:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tumble:

Sentence/Example of Tumble:

We'll land that stake; an' p'raps the sharp division'll take a tumble.

"Of course he might have taken a tumble and sprained his ankle, or something like that," Bart said.

He does not tumble from the top to the bottom of the cellar stair.

Old women with children can afford to tumble downstairs, but not my kind of old women.

Suddenly he shouted to Sandoz, 'Will you be kind enough not to tumble to pieces?'

I have got away from the wasp's nest only to tumble into the middle of the swarm!

From what I could see of him he was no boxer at all, but just a formidable rough and tumble fighter.

And the reviewers are beginning to tumble to the fact that they're no good, too.

"I is to tumble the poppenoddles," cries the bullet-headed gentleman.

Then all the fabric of his mother's honor would there and then tumble to the ground.