Plunge [noun]

Definition of Plunge:

quick drop; enthusiastic attempt

Synonyms of Plunge:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plunge:

Sentence/Example of Plunge:

"I knew he'd plunge," he said, taking the chair proffered him, near Shepler's desk.

Now, she quickened her pace, anxious for the plunge that should set the term to sorrow.

She lay looking at me like a deer that I had shot, waiting for me to plunge in the knife.

And if you have no weapon take my knife and plunge it into this sad heart, and let me die!

We might dine early, and plunge into the desert later, when the moon was high.

My departure terrified him, and the wind caused him to plunge from right to left.

I did not ask the cause of the plunge; the two little mules told me that.

Missy gave a plunge, turned round on her hind-legs, and tore from the place.

One moment of heedless inconsideration may plunge thee in years of calamity.

I am a word, with meanings many; To plunge, is just as good as any.