Duck [verb]

Definition of Duck:

drop down; avoid

Synonyms of Duck:

Opposite/Antonyms of Duck:

Sentence/Example of Duck:

For example, research reported in Science magazine found that in the laboratory, the virus either did not replicate or did not spread easily in dogs, pigs, chickens, or ducks.

The pathway itself is a bit of a strange duck, because not all neurons that form it respond to the initial fear.

Most eggs in the new study passed through a duck within one hour.

The new study shows how water birds, such as ducks, may be part of that spread, she says.

Shallow ponds — called potholes — on the prairie serve as nesting sites for half of the ducks in North America.

Migratory ducks could travel dozens or possibly hundreds of kilometers before excreting those eggs, the scientists suggest.

It was no wonder that he felt quite at home in the duck-pond, which was made for web-footed folk.

It is interesting to notice a resemblance between this huge bird and our English wild duck or plover.

Perhaps it was as well that she allowed such responsibilities to slip past her like water running off the feathers of a duck.

Then Kip had to duck back into a darkened doorway as Carlson retraced his steps, and got back into his car.