Stoop [noun]

Definition of Stoop:

slouched posture

Synonyms of Stoop:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stoop:

Sentence/Example of Stoop:

Harriett saw his stoop, and the taut, braced power of his back as he lifted.

No fools are they, in fact, even when to that name they 'stoop to conquer.'

He showed no interest on seeing K., who had to stoop to enter the low room.

In order to pass out he was obliged to stoop, so tall was he.

I told him I did, and it was because I did and meant to do so to the last, that I would not stoop to propitiate any of them.

Our purpose is not to see or speak with you; therefore to you we stoop to say no more.'

I cannot bend to Ormond, sir: to any body but him—any thing but that—my pride cannot stoop to that.

I could not mistake his back, or the stoop of his shoulders as he bent towards his companion.

There was a sound of loud voices, as we approached the stoop.

Is this the reward that ought to be offered to virtue, or that virtue should stoop to take?