Increase [noun]

Definition of Increase:

addition, growth

Opposite/Antonyms of Increase:

Sentence/Example of Increase:

The increase is manageable, but logistically challenging given social distancing requirements, says Lithander.

All regions except the Northeast experienced modest increases in seroprevalence over the course of the summer.

Historically, the less-expensive systems sell more units, driving an increase in revenue from games.

There was a marked increase when Brazil hosted the football World Cup in 2014 and followed by the Olympics in 2016.

The unprecedented shift to remote work and online learning, combined with a dramatic increase in movie streaming, videoconferencing, and social media traffic, has led to significant spikes in internet use.

The company reported Wednesday that searches for “curbside pickup” saw a “tenfold” increase in the past several months amid the pandemic.

On its surface, that looks like a large increase in support for reopening the economy, and thus reopening might seem supported by the public.

Georgetown University approved a 10% tuition cut for the fall semester for students who are learning remotely, and the College of William & Mary is rolling back a previously adopted increase for incoming in-state undergraduates.

Last year in the top 100 films at the box office, 32 featured leads from underrepresented groups, an increase of five from 2018.

To be clear, that increase does not mean that advertisers are putting a lot more money to traditional TV.