Compression [noun]

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Should it fail, the fluid can generally be pumped out by alternate compression of the tube and the bulb.

This compression will be vastly increased through the simultaneous opening of the eight circular speaking ports SP.

In the experiment with the cylinder above described, the compression is due to mechanical energy, a force of another nature.

The concrete not only affords much of the strength to resist compression, but effectively protects the steel from corrosion.

For masonry, brick or concrete the arch subjected throughout to compression is the most natural form.

Fig. 20 shows a Fink truss, a characteristic early American type, with cast iron compression and wrought iron tension members.

For compression members the shearing area of rivets in butt-joints was made half the useful section of plate in compression.

The compression members are of timber, except the struts and bottom chord panels next the river piers, which are of steel.

There is no vestige of pose, nothing superfluous; everywhere simplicity, compression, lucidity.

In the meantime the hillocks also acquire more firmness or compression by the increased weight which presses on them from above.