Squeezing [verb]

Definition of Squeezing:

exert pressure on sides, parts of something

Synonyms of Squeezing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Squeezing:

Sentence/Example of Squeezing:

But he remembered that he had once before been caught and had escaped by squeezing the trap.

It's a pleasure to you, I know,' said Tom, squeezing her hand heartily.

But I'm that glad to see you, laddies, I feel just like squeezing for another hour.

He glanced down, and noticed that she was squeezing his hand spasmodically.

"Full house; no reserved seats," observed the man placidly, squeezing in.

She kissed Elsie Marley again, squeezing her hand meaningly.

Maxwell secured them by pinching his own ear or by squeezing the arm of his neighbor.

Many were affected; the anxiety to hear him was intense, the squeezing fearful.

"I suppose Magrath told you all," said the vice-admiral, squeezing the other's hand.

He never dreamed of squeezing the plump arm or pinching the smooth cheek.