Clasp [noun]

Definition of Clasp:

fastener; hold on something

Synonyms of Clasp:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clasp:

Sentence/Example of Clasp:

She climbed the winding stairs that led to her mother's room, and she paused to clasp her beating heart with both her hands.

Felix would be troubled and angry she knew, 138 even at this clasp of an old friends hand.

And the two understood each other better by that silent, hearty hand-clasp than they could have done with any number of words.

She glanced downwards with averted head, awaiting some outcry of gladness, surrendering herself to the quick clasp of strong arms.

When she did wrong, she would kneel and clasp her hands, seeming earnestly to ask to be forgiven.

I felt his arm clasp me; and I turned and stared, and his face was close to mine, and his eyes were fairly shining.

Once he thought he had detected some warmth for himself in her eye, in the clasp of her hand; there was nothing of that sort now.

Hale put it around her neck and fastened the clasp and June kept hold of the little cross with one hand.

It was gathered into her waist by a golden zone whose clasp was hidden by another and even larger diamond.

He offered his hand, and after a moment's hesitation Koyala permitted his friendly clasp to encircle the tips of her fingers.