Fastening [noun]

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They’re usually crafted with a wing or other fastening mechanism to sit securely on and around the user’s ear, giving them a clear advantage over in-ear designs when it comes to usage during high-impact workout and other active pursuits.

Ellis's patent boot studs to save the sole, and the Euknemida, or concave-convex fastening springs, are the latest novelties.

The flat top had come down a little; we put in a line of bolts, fastening the top of the tube to the outer casing.

A very brief exercise of Mr. Sikess art sufficed to overcome the fastening of the lattice, and it soon stood wide open also.

She was endeavoring to adjust the bunch of violets which had become loose from its fastening in her hair.

He shifted across to the mouth of the tent and raised the flap, fastening it against the pole so that he could see out.

Tim had come by this time, fastening his suspenders as he came, and caring less for his appearance than his mother.

Where paper is used for wrapping the specimens, they are best secured by fastening the envelope with sealing-wax.

Fastening themselves in those positions, and growing upward, the seaweeds may attain considerable size.

"He is here at this very time," exclaimed the abbess, fastening fiery looks on the count.