Fastener [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Fastener:

One study even found that a well-laced shoe, compared to an elastic fastener, can prevent running injuries in some people.

The key thing to look for here is a fastener and the base of the ear flaps which has a hook, tie, or another fastener underneath your chin.

These bibs are BPA-free and feature built-in neck fasteners that can be adjustable up to four sizes.

Fasten the sheets together at the top left hand corner with a paper fastener, the pointed ends of the fastener being at the top.

It paused before the door, and in another instant a wary hand was at work upon the fastener.

A snap fastener will hold the flap over the tools so they won't fall out.

Its double-tongued fastener was twisted far awry, as if it had been wrenched away by violence.

His dinner is his best devotion; he is a terrible fastener on a piece of beef, and sweats at it more than at his labor.

A double-wire fastener soldered to the back is not contemporary.

She heard the creak of wood, the clatter of the iron bar falling into the fastener.