Screw [verb]

Definition of Screw:

twist in

Synonyms of Screw:







Opposite/Antonyms of Screw:

Sentence/Example of Screw:

I have got a screw in my pocket, and I never go without my tool-knife.

No sunlight ever made her blink, or screw her face into wrinkles.

Choking, he managed with numbed fingers to screw his helmet on.

If the threads are 1/32 inch apart, then the screw will move 1/32 inch every time it revolves.

If a propeller acts in the same way as a screw, then it too must have a pitch.

It is best to screw a substantial block to the inside of the boat.

But what does it matter what he thinks, or you screw out of him?

"I tried, sir, but there's a screw through the sash," cried one fellow.

They are so many turns of the screw, just to let the recalcitrant feel what can be done.

Now pry off the connectors with the screw driver, as shown in Fig. 193.