Work [noun]

Definition of Work:

labor, chore

Synonyms of Work:

Opposite/Antonyms of Work:

Sentence/Example of Work:

Mrs. Rushton was sitting at her work, in rather a disconsolate frame of mind.

When they had gone, he went back to the work of final adjustment.

Robert soon settled to work, and picked steadily and rapidly.

"That's a pretty good afternoon's work," he said to himself.

“Master Headley will give us work, mayhap,” said Stephen, turning to Tibble.

Robert hurried home, and rushed into the kitchen where his mother was at work.

But the incendiary had taken care to do his work so well that it was already impossible.

Honestly, I am glad to find you here at your work in your miner's clothes.

"A man has to work here a few years to love it," said Uncle Peter, shortly.

It was three o'clock, and he would be resting from his work.