Commission [noun]

Definition of Commission:

task, duty

Synonyms of Commission:

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Sentence/Example of Commission:

The great Mr. Abrahams had an unlimited commission to secure at any price, a long list of great works.

Under the pressing circumstances the military authorities pretended to be doing something there, and sent up a commission.

Richard Cromwell's parliament dissolved by commission under the great seal, at the instance of Desborough.

It stood first on the list of lines recommended p. 109for construction in the Report of the Allport Commission.

He accompanied the Prince to France, and obtained a commission in Ogilvie's regiment of foot.

He took part in a number of campaigns and received his first commission, that of Ensign, in 1890.

He was promoted up the ladder of success steadily, and in 1910 he received his commission as a Commander in the Navy.

It was a big job, placing the Imperator in commission for the first time by American Navalmen.

She was officially placed in commission with Old Glory flying proudly at her flagstaff on the 5th day of May, 1919.

In this absence my three assistants carried on the Commission work with great efficiency.