Certificate [noun]

Definition of Certificate:

authorizing document

Synonyms of Certificate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Certificate:

Sentence/Example of Certificate:

The Supreme Court affirmed Obergefell applies in the cases, but Gorsuch led a stinging dissent suggesting marriage equality has limits, including in the area of birth certificates.

If you’re running a sponsored virtual race, you can likely print a bib, make a finisher’s certificate, and maybe even earn a race shirt, just like normal.

All the utilities now have to submit wildfire mitigation plans to the state and get a safety certificate.

In April, we asked for copies of epidemiological reports and death certificates and were told we couldn’t get those documents until the pandemic ended.

From the point of view of cover, the gold certificate is completely inelastic.

If you wish, I will send a copy of the certificate of the duty done by this engine, which states very minutely every circumstance.

When these things are done, the certificate of entry is delivered to the applicant and the entry is made.

Does a birth-certificate, a marriage-contract or an inventory of wealth represent a person?

By the way, you can easily put your hand on your birth certificate, as well as the death certificate of your father, I suppose?

On back of the certificate a blank transfer, in following form, should be printed.