Credential [noun]

Definition of Credential:

references, attestation

Synonyms of Credential:

Opposite/Antonyms of Credential:

Sentence/Example of Credential:

They’re easily dazzled by smooth talkers, and they place too much weight on credentials and not enough on skills and motivation.

The hackers use two techniques—one known as "brute forcing" and the other called "password spraying"—in an attempt to obtain targets' Office365 login credentials.

Foreign groups used tactics including rotating IP addresses to disguise attacks, web bugs planted in purchased domain names and phishing, in an effort to harvest log-in credentials and gain information on targeted individuals and organizations.

Whenever you get to a point where you need to log in somewhere, you’ll be asked if you want to save the relevant credentials.

Importing your passwordsMost password managers give you the option to import credentials from somewhere else, such as your browser.

With 1Password, you can load up credentials from an older 1Password account, as well as from other similar platforms.

Apple also threatened to remove Epic’s developer credentials.

When the counselor began questioning their crew credentials, Giannulli angrily confronted the counselor and asked why he was “trying to ruin or get in the way of their opportunities,” the counselor wrote in notes detailed in court documents.

They enclose a letter which is to serve their victim as a mark of identification or credential when he comes on to purchase.

Sir Alain bound the emissary with cords, like a felon spy, and sent him and his papers and credential signets unto King Stephen.