Testament [noun]

Definition of Testament:

tribute; last wishes

Synonyms of Testament:

Opposite/Antonyms of Testament:

Sentence/Example of Testament:

Cornelius then read to Rosa the testament that he had just made.

It's a sort of last will and testament in favour of the troupe.

No, this letter is just a ‘last will and testament,’ as the lawyers have it.

Reach me the Testament, granny, there's a verse I'll read to you.'

He took a fresh piece of paper, and traced on it the words: "This is my last will and testament."

For this Testament do both creeds revere that wrangle over the later.

Well, then, it's my last will and testament, and may—Give me over the jug.

He took a fresh sheet of paper and wrote: "This is my last will and testament."

The conception of a Will or Testament cannot be considered by itself.

Whose blood helped to render the testament of liberty valid?