Evidence [noun]

Definition of Evidence:


Opposite/Antonyms of Evidence:

Sentence/Example of Evidence:

Marx could only find evidence of five tickets since December – so far.

Ground surveys at Waun Mawn in 2011 failed to find evidence of a stone circle.

Since Gloria’s announcement in December, Voice of San Diego could only find evidence of five new tickets.

Umansky and research fellow Simon showed that the NYPD frequently withholds evidence from civilian investigations into police abuse.

She’s been disappointed by some friends’ lack of effort to connect during the pandemic,and wrecked by photographic evidence that other friends have gotten together without inviting her.

The NTSB’s conclusions cannot be used as evidence in lawsuits.

And, the available evidence suggests, making it more likely, not less, that people will unnecessarily contract the virus — with sometimes tragic results.

Liang said the WHO team combed through records and samples from Wuhan hospitals and found no evidence that covid-19 was spreading quietly in the city before December.

Prosecutors can seek to recharge Wynn if authorities gather additional evidence in the case.

On the Chiefs’ first possession, quarterback Patrick Mahomes gained a first down with an 11-yard scramble — providing evidence that his injured foot was no longer an issue — but his team stalled after that.