Deposition [noun]

Definition of Deposition:

dethroning, ousting

Synonyms of Deposition:

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Sentence/Example of Deposition:

“WOW,” he wrote on Twitter the morning of February 7, posting side-by-side satellite shots of a dark area of possible “massive dust deposition,” contrasted against the same snowy, pristine region just the day before.

The only thing that happened on his side was he had to come to some depositions.

As part of its investigation, ProPublica obtained years of Evenflo’s testing videos, thousands of pages of sworn depositions by company employees and marketing materials that, until then, had largely been shielded by court secrecy orders.

It was not mere legal theater when judges appointed commissioners to carry out months of fact-finding, including traveling to obtain witness depositions.

These are salts that, based on geological, paleontological, and geochemical evidence, haven’t been re-dissolved and re-crystallized since their initial deposition.

In her deposition, Amanda Daniels, the psychiatric nurse practitioner who recommended Moriarty be placed in a safety cell, said she didn’t feel he was at immediate risk of harming himself.

A source had tipped me off to the sworn deposition of a temporary staffing agency executive in a separate case who was asked to describe what kind of workers a Vee Pak supervisor would request.

In a deposition in the civil case, obtained by Voice of San Diego in 2016, Browder said he was not disciplined or reprimanded for the shooting, and that it did not even come up in any context in his performance review that year.

Early on there are very few CNTs on the wafer, so the rate of deposition is very high, but as they build up the rate at which they escape again rises.

The last of the criers did not last long after deposition from office, Jacob's last words being uttered in 1881.