Degradation [noun]

Definition of Degradation:

depravity, shame

Synonyms of Degradation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Degradation:

Sentence/Example of Degradation:

Meanwhile those excluded from the environmental movement are often the same people who face the greatest threats from climate change and have the most to lose from environmental degradation.

Hurricanes and floods, droughts and fires, environmental degradation, increased poverty and fierce global resource competition are just some of the likely potential harms.

These contributions will help offset some of the degradation of insect habitat.

They don’t want to show human brutishness and degradation in their museums.

However, despite this support, over the course of 2020 I experienced a material degradation of my overall mental health, which resulted in a period of hospitalization in August.

The last crypto-mining boom promised similar benefits but resulted in fly-by-night companies leaving a trail of scams and environmental degradation in their wake.

With only a dozen cows, he never was sure, but he suspects the cattle lost a “luxury function”—one that wasn’t vital to survival but whose removal led to a degradation of the sensory system.

Central themes of her editorial work have included corporate accountability, environmental degradation, conflict zone reporting, reproductive rights and women’s issues more broadly.

In fact, the battery shows little degradation even when subjected to aggressive charge and discharge cycles.

Indeed, as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has observed, the balance between green and non-green spending so far tilts too much toward the latter, risking further environmental degradation.