Improvement [noun]

Definition of Improvement:

bettering; something bettered

Opposite/Antonyms of Improvement:

Sentence/Example of Improvement:

Most noticeable is the improvement Biden has seen with older voters.

For starters, they’ve made vast improvements in their special teams play while in the bubble.

Apple updated the high end of its tablet range back in March, but the mid-range iPad Air has gone 18 months without improvement.

In early 2020, Alipay even made an improvement to its in-app search algorithm so users can directly search for the name of a stock or finance product, instead of accessing them through the menu.

Thanks to these and other performance improvements, Microsoft says a trillion-parameter model could be scaled across as few as 800 Nvidia V100 GPUs.

Thanks to platform improvements and upselling more accounts to organizations, the annual subscription renewal rate is 91%.

Microsoft posted one software update during the review period, which was a big improvement, and says more will be forthcoming.

Some early benchmarks suggest that even the $499 RTX 3070 shows substantial performance improvements over last year’s RTX 2080 Ti, which checked in at $1,000.

Rather than close the door to any potential improvements on the site like our opponent is doing, Assemblymember Gloria would prefer the City have options.

The draft described racial disparities in police encounters last year from an analysis of close to 4 million police stops statewide, and ended with recommendations for both local and statewide improvement.