Revision [noun]

Definition of Revision:

change; rewriting

Opposite/Antonyms of Revision:

Sentence/Example of Revision:

A matter of most pressing importance is the revision of the tariff.

It was not a revision of the serenata which he wrote at Naples, but an entirely new work.

The Vice-bailli then asked him for a revision of the verdict.

He had much in common with them, but he must first submit their ideas to criticism and revision.

In these Revision Courts every priest is an agent of the Separatist party.

No clergyman should be allowed to sit in the Revision Court.

There is no need for any revision of the general opinion concerning him.

A revision of genus Cratægus has long been a desideratum with botanists.

It was omitted from the Binet 1911 revision and also from that of Goddard.

As was to be expected, the first draft of the revision did not prove satisfactory.