Amendment [noun]

Definition of Amendment:

correction, improvement

Synonyms of Amendment:

Opposite/Antonyms of Amendment:

Sentence/Example of Amendment:

It passed the Senate’s appropriations committee Thursday, but did so with amendments that have not yet been released.

The regulations, known as The Electronics and postal communications amendment, also require foreign journalists working with their local colleagues to be accompanied by a government-appointed officer when covering local stories.

After the passage of the amendment, women were not broadly mobilized, and in many places, women of color continued to face barriers to voting.

A century ago today, the 19th amendment of the US Constitution was ratified.

Everyone deserves the ERA—a constitutional amendment that lives forever—and I have faith that we will get it.

In March 2020, Google made further amendments to its previous announcement.

At the same time, though, lawmakers shot down amendments prohibiting the collection of a suspect’s web browsing history and search queries.

Consequently an amendment may be made diminishing the weekly allowance to a member who is sick, and also the time of allowing it.

By the fourteenth amendment to the federal constitution their rights and privileges have been further secured.

A partial amendment has taken place, and still greater improvements are about to be made.