Change [noun]

Definition of Change:

something made different; alteration

Opposite/Antonyms of Change:

Sentence/Example of Change:

One agency executive said that it would be surprising if advertisers return en masse in early August without commitments to address advertisers’ desired changes.

The government had estimated that the rule changes would cause about 70,000 women, and at most 126,000 women, to lose contraception coverage in one year.

His team’s mandate is to back companies tied to major long-term shifts in areas like climate change and health care.

The picture and the pace at which it was changing were dizzying.

The focus was on low-cost ergonomic changes that reduced physical stress.

In treble, second and fourth, the first change is a dodge behind; and the second time the treble leads, there's a double Bob.

The Seven-score and four on the six middle Bells, the treble leading, and the tenor lying behind every change, makes good Musick.

Never was a change more remarkable than that which had come upon Mrs. Collingwood.

When the whole hunt is hunting up, each single change is made between the whole hunt, and the next bell above it.

Almost, he saw her visibly change—here in the twilight of the little Luxor garden by his side.