Permutation [noun]

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What artifice can we then employ to provoke this second permutation?

The first permutation makes the second seem very probable, although I cannot as yet conceive a means of realizing it.

This indicates the distinction between the permutation of letters and the transition of letters.

It is clear how very different the results would become by the permutation and combination of these diverse factors.

He is not a permutation and combination of old elements, transferred through the parents.

The economic reform wrought is largely of the nature of a permutation in the methods of conspicuous waste.

Let this be learned to perfection, backwards and forwards, or by permutation of words, and repeated the next day.

We may thus select the four coins in one hundred ways, and the four removed may be arranged by permutation in twenty-four ways.

This permutation is made very convenient by the sentences being printed in sections which may be moved about and combined at will.

Nevertheless, it is much easier to give the child a vivid impression of them by the permutation of parts than by explanation.