Variation [noun]

Definition of Variation:

difference; alternative

Opposite/Antonyms of Variation:

Sentence/Example of Variation:

He was glad to have discovered that variation; but he could discover nothing else.

The variation seemed in a manner proportional to the pressure.

If it is not this identical system, it is a variation of it.

The essence of truth cannot be affected by the variation of external circumstances.

Time him as often as you will, you can never convict him of a second's variation.

The stimulus to variation may have come from the mother as well as the father.

No variation in their language or their conduct can be found.

But there was no variation in the replies of the Cardinal, furious as he was.

He was always cool; and nobody ever observed the least variation in his countenance.

In other words, there is no accounting, thus far in the theory, for variation.