Deflection [noun]

Definition of Deflection:

switch, fluctuation

Synonyms of Deflection:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deflection:

Sentence/Example of Deflection:

Carl Hagelin appeared to get his first tally with a deflection of Carlson’s shot, but instead it was determined Garnet Hathaway was ahead of the play.

Then, as soon as Embiid caught and turned to face the rim, Marcus Smart was right there to double-team and force a deflection.

Speed of train produces no effect on the mean deflection, but only on the magnitude of the vibrations.

From these equations the deflection produced by any given stress on the chains or by a change of temperature can be calculated.

Do the best the master can, the thought will not pass from him to his reader without considerable deflection.

Instantly, there was a sharp deflection of the kilovoltmeter.

The weight per metre was 91 grammes, and the deflection was 46 mm.

Therefore the slightest deflection of their courage from the norm should have the closest attention.

The slightest hint of deflection in one upon whom he had bestowed his favor maddened him.

This deflection of the magnetic needle is due to the fact that surrounding every electric current are magnetic lines of force.