Displacement [noun]

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The practice is rife with allegations of child labor, dangerous working conditions, community displacement, and water pollution from toxic processing chemicals.

So I wouldn’t say there’s been a displacement in shopper marketing spend due to the growth of e-commerce.

Manufacturers design each displacement level of bike with suitable engines, tech, and safety features in mind.

How to figure out sizingGenerally speaking, the lower the displacement, the lower the seat height.

These machines come in a variety of different displacement levels from 50cc to 125cc.

Further, you write that “rent control lowers displacement from San Francisco.”

So, it prevents those renters from leaving the city as a whole, which I think from a policy perspective of rent-control advocates, that’s one of the goals they talk about as preventing displacement from the city.

This secular displacement of the line of the apsides brings a sixth complication to the motion of our abiding-place.

They are simply well-designed boats of light displacement and large sail-area, very fast and very handy.

Instances of such displacement are given in the footnote of the previous paragraph.