Movement [noun]

Definition of Movement:

motion, activity

Opposite/Antonyms of Movement:

Sentence/Example of Movement:

Mr. Gladstone may be regarded as the pioneer of the movement.

But Jeff Rankin swept all argument away with a movement of his big paws.

There was a movement in her throat as though she swallowed something hard.

Nevertheless, not one movement of young Ried escaped the notice of some of them.

So vigorous was her movement that Cassidy's clasp was thrown off the wrist.

Burke swung himself around in a movement of complete disgust.

But, with a movement of great swiftness, Garson got in front of her, and barred her going.

He got to his feet with lithe swiftness of movement, and sprang close to the desk.

In the movement to and from the operating room, the door stood open for a moment.

Then more waiting, a stir of movement in the room beyond the closed door.