Flow [noun]

Definition of Flow:

issue, abundance

Synonyms of Flow:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flow:

Sentence/Example of Flow:

This change could help to crack down on the unmoderated flow of information across groups, which can lead to spam and misinformation spreading quickly.

Ominously, the debris flow risk is shown to be high in areas recently burned, such as in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Greece and Cyprus are part of the EU, while Turkey is central to Europe’s efforts to curb the flow of migrants.

That can include changes in the flow, temperature or saltiness of water, he notes.

Bridgewater has been moving into gold and inflation-linked bonds in its All Weather portfolio, diversifying the countries it invests in and finding more stocks with stable cash flow.

Normally this kind of circuit would require a fist-sized heat sink, but the team was able to squeeze it onto a USB stick-sized piece of circuit board and cool it with a water flow of less than a milliliter per second.

Those channels, however, have traditionally been aimed at college students looking to zone out and hit their study flow without interruptions from their roommates.

Each month, I noted when my period started, its flow, and how long it lasted.

“Fisher Industries’ private bollard fence will fail during extreme high flow events,” concluded Tompkins, who specializes in river management.

The volcanic eruptions of the mountains on the west broke down its barriers, and let its waters flow.